Meet SightPlayer

SightPlayer is a mobile music recognition software. Take a picture of printed scores and let SightPlayer play them for you. Music can be so easy!

Learning to play music is hard

When a musician starts to study a new piece of music, it usually requires a lot of hard work. How does it sound? What is the rhythm of this particular sequence? How do these harmonies fit together?

To answer these questions, musicians have to knock complex rhythms slowly, play each note individually or listen to recordings, before they understand the song well enough to start practising.

But it does not have to be

Have you ever had the wish to just give a song to someone and listen to what that person is playing? SightPlayer tries to assist you with exactly that. Simply take a picture of printed scores with your smartphone or tablet and let SightPlayer play it for you.

Learning new music can be so easy!

How it works

SightPlayer uses latest technology from computer vision to recognise staves, bars, notes, accidents, pauses and much more. Directly on your smartphone or tablet.

Once the notes have been detected, you can listen to them, play them back slowly or simply use SightPlayer to play-along if your friends are currently not around.